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About Us

The Southern Scoop News Facebook Page has been blessed to experience tremendous growth over the last few months so I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those who may have stumbled on this page by happenstance.
My name is Brittney Lofthouse. I have long since wanted to create my own platform for journalism across Western North Carolina. Writing and telling the stories of our communities is who I am. I live for being a voice for individuals who might not otherwise have the courage to speak up and I am passionate about presenting all the facts — the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have fervent love for Western North Carolina and believe our communities deserve the same opportunities as big cities — which includes being informed and up-to-date about the every day “going-ons.”
My focus is on all things “news” in Macon, Jackson, and Swain Counties. I do my very best to stay current and available to be on top of news in this area and present both state and national news that may appeal to readers in this area.
In my career as a journalist, which dates back to working for The Western Carolinian at WCU in 2008, I have worked with or for half a dozen publications and have built unique contacts that allow me to have the access and resources to get the answers to your questions.
The Southern Scoop is a work in progress. Originally, the end goal is to be a localized non-profit news source for WNC — providing everyday news that people need to know, even if local television stations don’t think it’s worthy of the 5’ o’clock news. And while that is still the goal, it is slightly more challenging than expected, so the road to get there may be a little longer than anticipated. Because I have never — actually no journalist has ever — been in this profession to get rich, I am trying to find ways to fund this project, while still being able to financially take care of my family. What matters to me is keeping you informed and giving you the knowledge and information you deserve to have access to.
I also want you to remember that I am human. Where others may have the ability to know when to stay quiet — I am engineered to scream from the rooftops. I have spent my entire life being told by teachers that I talk too much and that I needed to mind my own business. It is the very qualities that often landed me in Principal Sellers’ office that now allow me to be a successful, trusted voice for our region. But with that, remember I am not perfect and have a flare of red in my hair — which means sometimes I flirt with the line of presenting fact without a trace of opinion. I am a passionate soul, for better or for worse. I can’t promise I won’t ever cross that line, because that’s just not something I have ever learned to control in my 33 years of life.
But I can promise that although I may be extra passionate at times, you will know that it is coming from the human in me, not the journalist. Even if I could separate the two, I wouldn’t, because it is that very drive that has led me to dedicate much of my life to doing this. It matters to me, and you will always know that.
Thank you for supporting me during this endeavor,
Brittney Lofthouse