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About Us

The Southern Scoop News was launched by Brittney Lofthouse in June 2020 during the height of the pandemic. With information around COVID19 changing so rapidly, the news desert that is WNC left many people without access to the information they needed to be safe. 
What started as a Facebook Page quickly evolved, taking on a life of its own. With a focus on all things “news” in Macon, Jackson, and Swain Counties, the Southern Scoop News strives to produce quality, daily, content for the communities we serve. While Brittney Lofthouse has transitioned to a new career, the Southern Scoop News continues to operate under the same mission she first started… to be YOUR source of local news.
The format of the Southern Scoop News has changed. Rather than being the cut-and-dry “news” reports, in June 2023 to meet the growing demand for explanation and an in depth anylasis of the waterfall of information that comes at us from every angle.

Opinion-based journalism has a long history in the United States. Early U.S. newspapers often featured politically biased coverage that aligned with the owners’ or sponsors’ perspectives. This resulted in partisan and subjective newspaper reporting, which would still appear unfamiliar today. The Southern Scoop, despite facing vocal dissent, provides coverage that represents the ideals and viewpoints of our readers in Western North Carolina, rather than favoring a specific political party.

News analyses are a form of journalism that seeks to provide context for news events or developments, such as significant legislative proposals by a political party. Instead of focusing on the latest details, these pieces aim to place the event or development within a broader historical or trend perspective.

So this is the news — as told by Brittney Lofthouse and The Southern Scoop staff.