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Drive-thru food truck park coming to Franklin

Development along Siler Road has caught the attention of many Macon County residents — with speculation of what could be coming ranging from everything to a grocery store chain to a new steakhouse. 

Those who guessed some sort of food establishment were on the right track, but according to owners of the soon-to-be development — Lori and Edward Jug, the development will be a unique development. 

“After we retired, we moved to our second home here in Franklin,” said Lori Jug. “I wanted to find a spot to park a food truck and thought… why not make a space for other trucks as well!” 

Jug said the idea transformed from there and will soon be home to a drive-thru food truck park. 

“We have space for up to three food trucks with the first ready to go,” said Lori. “We will also have parking so if people want to drive-thru, grab some food or treats, and then park, they will be able to.” 

Lori said that food trucks are already designed for a drive-thru but it was something she hadn’t ever seen before. So after she retired, she wanted her next venture to be something fun and exciting. 

The first food truck that will occupy the park, with an opening date of March 15, will be Bran Freeze Fun, a soft-served frozen custard shop. The park will be open year-round and will have space for other food trucks to rent by the day, for a week, or even a year. 

Similar to ice cream, frozen custard is made with extra egg yolks in addition to sugar and cream. It is usually kept at a warmer temperature compared to ice cream and typically has a denser consistency. Frozen Custard contains at least 10 percent milkfat and a minimum of 1.4 percent egg yolk solids. 

The shipping container that is currently located on the property, which has a physical address of 320 Siler Road, will house freezers needed to operate Brain Freeze Fun. Lori said that electrical is currently being dug out and will be completed soon. 

To stay up to date on the drive-thru food truck park as well as Brain Freeze Fun, visit or visit their Facebook Page. 

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