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Frank Lay Criminal Defense Firm to relocate

Attorney Frank Lay serves clients across Western North Carolina and after 10+ years in their current location, the team is currently in the process of moving to a brand new modern location. The custom-designed office,  which is still under construction at this time is located at 280 Asheville Highway in Sylva.
“We hope to be in our new office in 10-12 days and we are thrilled to be opening a cutting-edge law office that reimagines the facilities necessary for the practice of law in a modern, efficient and Secure legal office,” said Lay. “In the future, I will be elaborating on the design and tech behind this revolutionary facility and how it all works to give our clients the very best criminal defense possible!”
As the team puts the finishing touches on this design and integrates the bleeding edge technology that drives their law office of the future, you can reach them by leaving a voice message on their main phone line at 828-631-2500. Their dedicated staff members will be checking the messages constantly to return calls.

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