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Franklin bakery brings taste of France to WNC

There is truly no substitute for an authentic, crusty, flaky, buttery, warm French croissant.  Crafting the perfect croissant is undoubtedly an artform – an artform that Executive Pastry Chef Lynne Johnson has perfected over her more than 30 years of experience. Johnson’s experience, paired with the dedication of Brandi Thompson, co-owner of Honeysuckle Bakehouse in Franklin, to only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients, as built an artisan experience at their bakery.

Johnson was trained in New York by Chef Albert Kumin’s International Pastry Arts and is part of a select group of professionals that have been Certified by the American Culinary Federation as a Certified Executive Pastry Chef. She served as a Former Instructor at Lincoln Educational Services in Connecticut and Connecticut Culinary Institute – all experienced that has molded her technique into what it is today.

While Honeysuckle Bakehouse has droves of delicious goodies to choose from, they are best known for their authentic, French croissants. As the purest ingredient and most delectable treat – Honeysuckle Bakehouse uses the croissants perfected by Johnson for everything from their Ham and Cheddar lunch croissant to a sweet filled treat with vanilla buttercream, to the perfect complement to their chicken salad.

While the ingredients for a croissant are simple — usually six, including flour, sugar, yeast, salt, butter, and milk — the baking process is a complex craft that typically takes two to three days. A true labor of love, the made from scratch croissants are crafted by Johnson fresh every day – mixing the French style of baking, with bits of Scandian methods to develop dozens of layers of flaky goodness.

A croissant is usually a crescent-shaped, buttery and flaky pastry roll of Austrian and French origin that is prepared with yeast-risen dough. To get the delicious treat offered by Honeysuckle Bakehouse, Johnson makes sure that the dough is well layered with butter, rolled, and even folded multiple times to achieve the amount of butter layers needed. This process –referred to as lamination – can’t be rushed and succeeds only with precision and attention to detail.

The Honeysuckle Bakehouse is located 38 Palmer Street Circle Franklin , NC 28734.



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