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Franklin merchants planning day of fun for Halloween

While many events have been canceled since the COVID19 pandemic began spreading across the world, Franklin Main Street merchants are coming together to host a safe, family-friendly, socially distanced Halloween downtown.

The Streets of Franklin Heritage Association will be hosting Hometown Spirit of Fall on October 31 from noon until 7 p.m. The day will have craft vendors, entertainment and music, and of course, candy!

A DJ will be set up at Wells Fargo beginning at 12 pm and downtown merchants will have decorations and specials throughout the day.

The annual Teal Pumpkin Trick or Treating hosted by Safe Kids Macon County and downtown businesses will be held from 3-4 p.m. and will have non-food treats for trick or treaters.

The Teal Pumpkin Program is a national movement to provide children with a food allergy or diabetes, or other reason for not being able to have candy, the opportunity to safely go trick or treating. Safe Kids Macon County has partnered with downtown businesses over the last few years to host the event.

Festive celebrations nearly always include candy and treats, and it can be heartbreaking to tell a child with a food allergy or dietary restrictions that he or she can’t participate in the merriment of trick-or-treating on Halloween night. This is where the Teal Pumpkin Project comes in, allowing all children to get in on the fun of trick-or-treating – while removing the worry of its junk-food focus.

Beginning at 4 p.m., Main Street will be closed to traffic and candy trick or treating will begin around Main Street from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Treats will be wrapped individually or in baggies and all participants handing out candy will be wearing a mask and gloves throughout the whole process, while also promoting safe distancing.



  1. Started good, transpired into crap Started good, transpired into crap October 14, 2020

    You’re quick to correct those who are critical of the communist Mayor but not very quick to correct the Mayor. Instead you just “quote” the mayor and those in authority without finding ways to correct them when they are factually incorrect. You go out of your way to do it to others though.

    Journalists like you are ruining cities all over America.

    Your lack of challenging the status quo says plenty on your integrity.

    Move to the city and provide your resources there. Maybe then you will see how your husband will be treated and you will stop protecting the same types of people trying to take away his pay.

    • Kim Lippy Kim Lippy October 16, 2020

      Here is what I don’t understand…are you saying the PRESS should “correct” people, politician or otherwise? That is what the PROPLEM is w/the newscasters today!! People don’t WANT to hear politician’s opinions…they want to hear the unbiased news.

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