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Ingles moving forward with new Franklin location

Answering YOUR questions! On Sunday, we asked what we could research for you this week and our readers asked us these three questions: 

Why did Toys for Tots lose there spot down from old Walmart?

When will the new Ingles begin construction?

Whats the progress with the new Ingles store spaces? Why haven’t they been filled?

Today, we got official answers to all three questions. 

Ron Freeman, Chief Financial Officer for Ingles Markets confirmed that Ingles Markets will be completely redeveloping the Holly Springs Plaza Shopping Center for the new Ingles location. Ingles received approval from the town planning board for a special use permit on Monday, which will now be sent to the town council for further considering. 

Because Ingles is moving forward with developing the site, Toys for Tots will no longer be allowed to use the space. 

In regards to the new Ingles store spaces, Freeman said that COVID19 put an abrupt halt in the plans to lease those available spaces but there are plans in place and Ingles remains optimistic in the ability to rent out those spaces in the near future. 


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  1. Michelle Thornton Michelle Thornton July 23, 2020

    COVID -19 has nothing to do with the new Ingles on the Georgia Road not filling retail spaces. They have been empty since it opened several years ago and are still empty today. I inquired about renting space back in 2018 and Ingles was not interested in renting spaces.

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