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John Hamlin State Farm donates 1,700 stylus pens to Macon County students

Students in Macon County will be better equipped for remote learning thanks to a donation from John Hamlin State Farm in Franklin. John and the team donated 1,700 stylus pens to the school system for students to use this Fall.

Each student in Macon County will be equipped with an iPad this school year as they will be spending half the week in the classroom for in-person instruction and the other half doing remote learning. The stylus pens are designed to make using the iPad easier.

“This donation will really help students adapt to the new technology of the iPads, which they will be using frequently during remote learning,” said Macon County Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin. “The stylus will help to encourage proper gripping, which students would normally perfect while using a pencil during their school work.”

Hamlin said that his team was brainstorming ways to help local schools when he realized that his daughter, who will be entering second grade this Fall, used a stylus pen when working on her iPad. After some research, Hamlin decided to place a bulk order to donate to the school system.

“Teachers and parents have enough to worry about this school year so we wanted to do something to make things a little easier,” said Hamlin. “Stylus pens are a great addition to have when students work on devices not just because they allow more control when drawing and writing, but they also help keep the screen cleaner and free of smudges.”


Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin and Board of Education Chairman Jim Breedlove picked up the pens from

Hamlin and will be distributing them to schools across the county who will be providing them to students.

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