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Perseverance WINS owner offers advice navigating a Post-Covid workforce

Dr. Lisa Younce has dedicated her life to helping others and recently launched Perseverance WINS to combine her life’s experiences with her education in counseling and leadership to further that goal. 

While Dr. Younce’s leadership courses and trainings have proved to be beneficial for companies and businesses in North Carolina, her ultimate vision is to use it to help the next generation of leaders.

The Post-Covid world is a much different place for businesses and workers so we sat down with Dr. Younce to get her expert opinion on how local businesses can navigate this “new normal” as well as get her input on what advice she would give businesses and employees in various scenarios in today’s work environment.  

The Southern Scoop: “With the current shortage of workers, many businesses are struggling to recruit and then retain good employees. The employees we have seem to have so much going on in their personal life that it impedes how they perform on the job. How can employers recruit and retain good employees so that they come prepared to work and perform at their best?”

Dr. Younce: “The last few years, the world of work as we know it has drastically changed. According to Forbes, “The Great Resignation is happening in full force as millions of workers quit their jobs every month.” Employers are struggling to understand how they can meet employee’s expectations for what they want in a job, all the while they are tasked with differentiating themselves from others and creating unique experiences that allow them to stand out among the competition. Today, employers are forced to apply a laser focus to areas like the physical and mental health of their people, something that has not been focused on previously.  So what does all this have to do with Perseverance WINS and RESULTS + LIFE COACHING? 

Aside from a need for employers to rethink traditional work structures and new ways of working, employers need to rethink how they support their employees. That is where a RESULTS + LIFE COACH comes in. 

Traditionally, employers have an onboarding process, provide training and on occasion, may provide an employee a mentor to support them as they become familiar with their new position. Providing all employees with the same thing doesn’t allow for individual needs or the fostering of their physical and mental well-being. 

As a RESULTS + LIFE COACH, employers have hired me to work with identified employees who show promise. During our sessions, I take the employee through a process that helps them overcome the obstacles preventing them from doing their best work. While I find that a mentor can be helpful in performing their duties and responsibilities, it does not help them with the non-work issues they are experiencing that limit their ability to fully show-up ready to work.

The work I have done with these clients have shifted the overall work experience for both the employer and employee. Using this innovative approach, the employer now uses this as a recruiting and retention tool that focuses on the employee’s physical and emotional side, and in many cases, we have seen increased engagement, improved job performance and better attendance. The shift for the employee was immediate and obvious; they felt like they were seen, heard and appreciated, which is critical to the success of both the employer and employee.”

The Southern Scoop: “A mid-level employee has applied for several promotions or advancements within her current career. She continues to get passed up by her coworkers. How can she make herself the standout candidate in her field?”

Dr. Younce: “When working with individuals who are working to advance their careers, I work with clients in several areas. Situations like this have required the client to work on her mindset, and identify obstacles preventing her from obtaining the promotion and the steps to take to help her obtain the promotion. The process we went through included a variety of activities, reflection and role playing. This required her to be honest with herself about what she really wanted and what was in the way. With my guidance, she created a plan, with specific tasks that helped her obtain a promotion. Interestingly, she realized that the promotion she was seeking was not a “right” fit. Instead, she left her current position and obtained promotion in a completely different field where she is now thriving.”

The Southern Scoop: “A 15-year-old girl doesn’t play sports and makes ok grades. She struggles to find her place or “group” because she isn’t “great” at anything. How can she form her own identity and find her place?”

Dr. Younce: “As a teenager, everyday life can be overwhelming, and navigating how to fit in can be daunting. Many times, in order to fit in, they succumb to the external pressures by doing or saying things that conflict with their values and beliefs, causing internal struggles that leave them feeling “less than” and excluded. This can be a lonely place to be and can impact their entire life.

When working with teenagers, I do a great deal of mindset work. I believe that when your mindset changes, everything on the outside will also change. I’ve taken teenage clients through a process that helped them overcome and work through their feelings and emotions while challenging their thoughts. Through this process, they were able to manage negative thoughts, minimize mental barriers, stop the “comparison” game and have the skills and tools to avoid overwhelm. Once they moved through the process, they were better prepared to be who they were meant to be.”

For more information about Dr. Younce and Perseverance WINS, email Dr. Younce at or visit

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