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The Inside Scoop: Authentic New York pizza right in Sylva

Which city has the best pizza, Chicago or New York?  Well at Ferrara Pizza there is no debate. The owner’s Italian heritage runs deep, and despite now calling Jackson County home, they are proud New Yorkers. Pizza runs through their veins; with other family members still running pizza restaurants in New York, the owners have brought their experience to the mountains of North Carolina.

First and foremost — take advantage of their wine and beer selection — because you have to enjoy a cocktail while taking a mental break to Italy.

While their pizzas are delicious, Ferrara Pizza is much more than just a pizza restaurant. One of their awesome specialties is the calzone. They offer two sizes, small and large, but they should be called large and even larger. The generous portions of the large is easily enough for two people to share and have some leftover to take home.

Joining you at the table while we waited for the main dish were exquisite freshly baked garlic rolls — yall, they were TO DIE FOR!  They were perfectly seasoned with crispy baked parmesan and came to the table piping out straight out of the oven. The smell alone was enough to make you hungry. The pizza, calzones, and garlic rolls were as delicious as expected — but the surprise of the evening definitely came with the pasta.

Ferrara Pizza offers a huge selection of delicious made-to-order authentic pasta dishes that might as well be served fresh straight from Italy. Without a doubt, our favorite was the Pesto Alfredo.   It offered a magical blend of pesto with a delicate buttery creamy sauce.

As a mom of three lovely tyrants — I was also super thankful for Ferrara Pizza’s kid’s menu. For $ 5.95 a plate — the kids were able to get some of their classic favorites like chicken tenders AND try some fresh-made ravioli.

Some items we didn’t get to, but I definitely encourage you to try out — any of their seafood dishes ( I am deadly allergic so I had to skip these yummy offerings) or their desserts — which if they were even half as decadent as their entrees — would be worthy of the trip all on their own.

Whatever your appetite– Ferrara Pizza has something to fit it; with a huge menu to choose from, you will be sure to walk away satisfied.

Ferrara Pizza is located at 172 Sylva Road in Jackson County. For more information, call 828-477-4931.

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