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The Inside Scoop: Jackson County’s bagel spot serving up authentic treats

What is in a bagel? That was once an easy question to answer. Bagels were simple, some may even say plain. That all changed for me when I found Everything Bagel in Sylva. A quick stop in for breakfast was enough to completely change my opinion of this food staple.

Everything Bagel has a huge menu, with each ingredient having options within itself. When they named it Everything Bagel they hit the nail on the head, because they truly have everything. They have mastered the art of turning a bagel into a full meal.  The ingredients were all freshly prepared and super flavorful — each bite better than the one before. I dug into a bagel stuffed with egg and bacon, another with perfectly seasoned sausage and the most delicious blueberry bagel I could have dreamed up.

While the complex bagel sandwiches are amazing, they did not forget about the basics. They start with a truly high-quality bagel that is big enough to make you feel like you’re in New York City. Just some simple butter or cream cheese is all that’s needed and it is a masterpiece of its own.

With drive-thru and call-in order options, it makes for a spectacular breakfast or lunch when you’re in a hurry. It’s just down the road from Wal-Mart and conveniently located just off the road. I chose to dine-in in their beautifully decorated dining room. It is the perfect place to watch the employees prepare your meal as you wait and sit back and relax while you enjoy a fresh, authentic New York City style bagel.

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