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The Inside Scoop: The Hush Pizza & Pasta Bar

A lot of Nick’s family is from Chicago, so as you can imagine, Pizza is basically part of their religion. And I am not talking chain restaurant Pizza either. I mean made from scratch dough passed down from generation to generation with ingredients grown in an uncle’s garden and sweet vine ripped tomatoes that were bought to America in a grandfather’s suitcase decades ago from the old country. 

Pizza is their love language. It’s part of every family tradition. I nearly got exiled for asking for ranch to dip my slice in — apparently, that’s frowned upon by the pizza purists. It represents celebration, healing, mourning, togetherness, love, life, you name it, it comes with a side of pie. 

So finding something to meet their standard of excellence when it comes to pizza has not been easy. When the pandemic ends, we hope to have them come visit the house and see the kids, and with that comes the necessity of serving the only delicacies they will accept — pizza. 

Thankfully, I have finally found the perfect pizza in Macon County — and when I asked for ranch to dip my slice in while dining in, the owner looked at me like I was crazy — so I knew it was the perfect match. 

The Hush Pizzeria and Pasta Bar offers authentic, made from scratch goodness with only the finest locally sourced ingredients. The family-owned Italian restaurant buys ingredients fresh every day and makes everything they serve in house. 

Located on the Georgia Road beside Las Barricas, the Hush is a tiny little corner restaurant that produces BIG flavor and delectable authentic cuisine. 

Nick and I started with the meatballs which were savory and filling. The tomato sauce was hearty with chunks of tomatoes. The bread served on the side was the perfect addition to get every last drop of sauce poured on top of the meatballs. 

We shared a large meat lovers pizza and couldn’t even get close to finishing it. Thick chunks of sausage, pepperoni, salami, topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheese, was the perfect combination. 

The menu is expansive, with pasta selections that I will definitely be back to try. Keep in mind the price point is more than what the chain pizza delivery places are, but you definitely get what you pay for when ordering from Hush. 

Take out or dine in, if you are a pizza lover, I highly recommend you give the place a try! 

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