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Changes coming to Franklin High School instruction this Spring 

After spending the Fall semester with 176 virtual students and the remainder of Franklin High School students attending in-person instruction two days a week, school administration will be pivoting this Spring. 

This week, Franklin High School administration notified virtual students via email that the Spring semester virtual option will be much different. 

“The virtual option for our students will be much different in the spring semester,” read instructions given to parents. “Please discuss this information with your student.  Weigh this information against your reasons to choose virtual instruction.  Once you make a decision to continue with virtual instruction or not, please respond to the google form to start the process for the spring semester.”

According to FHS, the objective of the Spring semester plan is to put FHS in a position to transition to more days of face to face instruction, if that option becomes available to us by the Governor. Governor Roy Cooper has not indicated mandates for students will change for additional in-person instruction any time soon. However, under FHS’s new instruction plan, virtual learning may not be a good fit for every student. 

The decision to choose 100 percent virtual instruction may be made at any time during, or before, the spring semester at FHS. However, the decision to return to blended or face-to-face instruction will not be possible during that semester.  

Unlike the Fall semester, virtual students will not be enrolled in courses taught by Franklin High School instructors. This Spring, virtual course offerings will be limited. Standard and honors-level core classes will be available through this platform. Elective offerings will be limited to business courses.  Students enrolled in AP courses will be able to earn equivalent credit through SCC or  NC Virtual Public School. Foreign language credit for virtual students will also be earned through NCVPS and will be reserved for seniors in need of meeting university admissions requirements. 

“In the spring semester, virtual students will be enrolled in classes that are completely virtual and not shared with blended students.,” explained FHS Assistant Principal Pam Roper. “They will, however, remain Franklin High School students.”

Parents and students are currently filling out google forms to answer questions regarding their intent to continue virtual instruction or return to Franklin High School for blended instruction. 

“We don’t know how many of our virtual students will remain virtual, but we certainly hope they consider the changes to the virtual program when making the decision,” said Roper. “A google form has been sent to our current virtual families and is currently collecting data.”

Roper said the decision to enroll as a virtual student should be carefully considered as students will be primarily responsible for their own learning.

“Our teachers at Franklin High School may use google meets as a means of instruction for their blended students,” said Roper. “Blended students are on campus for face to face instruction 2-3 days each week, but receive remote instruction on days that their cohort is not on campus. Virtual students will not participate in those google meets, but will receive instruction from video lessons produced as part of our online learning platform.”

Roper said that the changes will allow blended students to receive one additional day of in-person instruction. 

“We have since been able to secure a plan to alternate cohorts for on-campus attendance on Fridays, beginning in January,” said Roper. “We are excited to increase face to face instruction and make the most of opportunities for engagement.”

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