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Circles of Jackson County hosts 1st annual auction

During May of 2022, Circles of Jackson County hosted their first online auction fundraiser! 66 items were up for bidding and nearly every item received a bid. Every item was donated, with items ranging in value from $15 – $1,000. Item donors included nearby businesses and restaurants in addition to local and regional craftsman and artisans. Furthermore, many donors also actively serve as Circles volunteers. 

Circles of Jackson County is a nonprofit organization working to help those living in poverty move towards self-sufficiency. The long-term goal for Circles of Jackson is to reduce the number of Jackson County residents in poverty by 10%, while short-term goals for clients include jobs paying livable wages, safe and affordable housing, reliable transportation, and social networks that support their movement towards self-sustainability.

The logistics of the auction were handled by the Circles staff while Circles volunteers amassed the donated goods. Donated goods included certificates to local businesses and restaurants, gift baskets, handmade goods, and more! Items purchased during the auction were either picked up by the recipient or custom delivered by Circles volunteers.

During the auction, roughly $3,500 was raised. The funds raised will assist in continuing general operations and programming within Circles of Jackson and allow the organization to keep serving its clients well. Since the auction was such a success, the Circles staff intends to make it an annual occurrence.

In previous years, Circles of Jackson hosted an annual ambassador’s luncheon fundraiser. However, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic the luncheon has been unable to occur. Holding an online auction allowed Circles of Jackson to host an annual fundraiser once again while remaining mindful of the pandemic and health of the public.

In addition to providing financial support to Circles of Jackson, the auction provided an avenue for connection in the community. Many people who were involved are residents of Jackson County or members of the greater Western North Carolina region. As a nonprofit supporting county residents, continuously forming new connections in the community is a vital endeavor for Circles of Jackson. 

It is the mission of Circles of Jackson County Inc. to provide the short- and long-term support that enables families currently living in poverty to move into self-sufficiency through education, employment readiness assistance, and the creation of community support systems. We also work to educate our community about poverty and reduce the barriers to success for all persons. If you’d like more information about Circles of Jackson, please feel free to contact us by email,, phone, 828-342-4627, or join us at a weekly meeting (every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., see our website for location details:

To all who participated in the auction, from the Circles team, thank you!

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