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Going Topless in Franklin – A Lot Less Awkward Than It Sounds

On Saturday, May 15, a small group of Jeep owners took part in an annual topless event. Don’t stress too much over this. It did not involve a bunch of pasty, sun-tanned challenged bellies of old guys. Oh, we were there… We just kept our shirts on.

What actually comes off in this annual Go Topless event are the soft tops of our Jeeps. What started in 2008 as a small get together of Jeep owners in Central Massachusetts has grown into a popular celebration of Spring’s arrival that is celebrated in 45 states and more than 11 countries.

But this ain’t all just fun and games. These afternoon fellowship fun drives, running up and down the backroads also generate lots of money for local charities. The major promotor of the annual event, ExtremeTerrain encourages the charity portion of the annual gathering by challenging local Jeep groups to raise at least $500 for a 501(c)(3) organization.

There were 29 Jeeps registered in this year’s local event. Money raised for registration, raffle tickets, and BBQ meals will go to two local charities.

Read more, see pictures, and learn about the two charities

jeep go topless in wnc great smoky mountainsLee Cloer is the owner of 828Vibes™️, a travel blog of the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. 828 Vibes™️ celebrates the Western North Carolina Mountains of the 828 Area Code.

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