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GriefShare group meets each Sunday at Webster Baptist Church

Three years ago when Renée Peoples became a widow at 59 years old, just two days after the death of her stepfather, she was overwhelmed with the grief of both losses. Dealing with the pain of her mother, her children, her young grandchildren, her in-laws and friends was more than she could handle. A friend told her about a support group and went to it 10 days after her husband died. There were very few GriefShare groups offered in this area, but after attending one class, she started looking for a group to attend. She started attending in other cities and states, driving 1-2 hours each way to attend and finally finding one in Franklin. Building a community and getting the support of fellow grievers made so much difference to her that she attended the thirteen week of sessions three times! If you are grieving, you should try GriefShare.

She saw the value of the group and talked to her church about it. Webster Baptist Church decided it was something they want to provide for people in the area. Now Renée is living in Slovenia as a missionary, but still feels a concern to help people in grief. Webster Baptist Church is offering GriefShare online each Sunday afternoon from 2:30-4:00.

Are you coping with a death? Have you lost a parent? A spouse? A child/grandchild? A friend? A sibling? This is the support group for you! Everyone who is grieving is welcome to join. You do not have to attend Webster or any church to attend this program. There is no charge. You can to go by Webster Baptist Church to get a book if you don’t have one. People do not have to live in this area to attend this group since it is online.

You can sign up for it at or write to Renée ( for more information.

GriefShare topics include:
– is this “normal”
– challenges of grief
– physical and mental pain and how to move forward
– journey of grief, length of time, goals to help
– effort required to heal
– dealing with belongings from your loved one
– friendships and solitude
– guilt and conflicted grief
– trauma, nightmares, flashbacks, emotional issues such as anger
– how to avoid getting “stuck”
– heaven/afterlife
– misconceptions
– healing can happen
– why and how to move forward
– how pain and peace can co-exist

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