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Macon County awards contract for design of $1.7 million improvements for Phase 1A of rec park

Macon County’s Veterans Memorial Recreation Park is on the brink of a major transformation, with the approval of the contract and phase 1A of the project moving forward. During the March meeting of the Macon County Board of Commissioners, the board unanimously approved awarding McGill Associates, and well as funding for the fees associated with it, with the contract to design Phase 1A . The vote follows the adoption of a new recreation Master Plan, developed in partnership with McGill Associates earlier this year. The plan not only addresses the community’s needs but also serves as a blueprint for securing grant funding and guiding the park’s long-term development.

The journey to enhance the Veterans Memorial Recreation Park began when Macon County contracted McGill Associates to create a site-specific Recreation Master Plan. The objective was to revitalize the park, making it more appealing to residents and visitors.

To ensure the plan reflected the desires of the Macon County community, McGill Associates conducted a comprehensive survey and met with county staff members to gather input. The survey aimed to identify the top priorities and needs of Macon County citizens regarding their recreation space.

Following extensive community feedback, McGill Associates formulated a plan that addressed the top 10 requests made by the public. To maintain transparency and gather additional insights, a public input meeting was organized where community members provided their thoughts on the proposed plan.

After receiving favorable feedback, McGill Associates presented the plan to the Macon County Recreation Commission, where it received unanimous approval. The next crucial step was presenting the plan to the Macon County Board of Commissioners, which occurred during the monthly board meeting. In an encouraging move, the Commissioners adopted the plan unanimously.

One of the key advantages of adopting this plan is the potential access to grant funding. By having a well-defined and community-supported vision in place, Macon County is better positioned to secure financial resources such as grant funding needed for the park’s development.

The Master Plan is meticulously broken down into phases, allowing for flexibility in implementation. Although the estimated costs ($14.5 million in total) provided by McGill Associates offer insight into the potential expenses, it’s important to note that these figures are based on current construction costs and may change in the future. The proposed cost for Phase 1A is $1.7 million, however the county will have a better idea of actual cost when the design is completed by McGill Associates.

Phase 1A marks an exciting beginning, as it includes the construction of nine Pickleball courts, six Tennis Courts, a shelter with bathroom facilities, and a walk bridge connecting to the Community Building Parking lot. Infrastructure improvements are also part of this initial phase.

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