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Macon County Sheriff’s Office suspends jail visitation due to COVID19

Due to an increase in Covid exposures in our facility, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office is suspending all inmate visitations at this time. We take safety and security of our staff and inmates as a top priority. Inmates will be able to continue having access to telephones but visitation requires moving of inmates and unnecessary contact with others. This contact comes at great risk to the health of my employees, the general public and those incarcerated in our facility. Finding ways to alleviate those risks is the responsibility of my staff and I and my team feels this is necessary to do at this time. As we do regularly, our agency is working closely and following directions from the Macon County Health Department and the appropriate medical staff which includes our Detention Center Physician and nurse.
When normal visitation resumes, we will be sure to make that known to the public. This will be a temporary measure and we intend to open all visitations to inmates back up the moment we feel it is appropriate under our current situation. Please be understanding with these measures as we deal with these concerns. In closing, I can assure all family members of inmates that telephone communication between inmates and family members will remain uninterrupted. Your ability to communicate with your family member will remain open through the normal procedures and process. These measures are being implemented as a precautionary measure and in the best interest of all concerned.
Sheriff Robert L. Holland
& Macon County Detention Center Staff

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