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Macon, Jackson, Swain departments recipients for 2020 Volunteer Rescue/EMS Department Fund Grants

North Carolina Department of Insurance and the Office of State Fire Marshal Mike Causey announced Tuesday that departments in Macon, Jackson, and Swain Counties were among the recipients of the 2020 Volunteer Reduce/EMS Fund Grants. 

Under the direction of Mike Causey, Rescue Grants & Relief Fund programs collect and disburse over 12 million dollars annually for the purpose of assisting rescue organizations to purchase equipment and make capital expenditures.

The NC General Statutes have been amended to allow for limited paid personnel to be included in the funding. Through dollar-for-dollar matching fund programs, the Department of Insurance assists fire departments and rescue/EMS organizations to purchase related equipment and to make capital expenditures.   

The guidelines mandate that rescue organizations will match the grant on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to $25,000, and organizations having cash assets over $1,000 may apply for the matching fund. 

To be eligible, the rescue provider is all-volunteer, with the exception of ten paid positions. The rescue provider is recognized by the Department of Insurance as a rescue, EMS, or a rescue/EMS provider/unit, and the rescue provider must meet the eligibility criteria of the NC Association of Rescue/EMS (NCAREMS) and/or NC Office of Emergency Medical Services (NC OEMS).

In Macon County, the grant recipients for 2020 include: 

Cullasaja Gorge Fire and Rescue – $23,489

Nantahala Volunteer Fire and Rescue- $10,498.37

Sky Valley- Scaly Mountain Volunteer Fire and Reduce Department – $5,075

In Jackson the grant recipient was: 

Qualla Volunteer Fire and Reduce – $4,333.06

In Swain County the grant recipient was: 

Swain County Rescue Squad – $19,329.09

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