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NCDHHS notifies counties of weekly vaccine allotment and approved special event

Macon County Public Health received notice that it will be receiving five-hundred (500) first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine per week, for the next three weeks. This number is based on population size.

Clay County will continue to receive one-hundred (100) doses per week,
while  Jackson County Health Department will receive five-hundred (500) doses per week. These shipments typically arrive on Tuesdays. This change does not affect those who are currently scheduled for second doses.

Macon County Public Health has been approved for a “Special Event” allotment, which will bring 1,170 additional doses to Macon County to be used in the Franklin area. These additional doses will be used over the next week (February 22nd to February 26th) to increase the number of available
appointments to those who are eligible. Individuals who are currently on the waiting list are being contacted to schedule appointments.

A small portion of the vaccines received by Macon County Public Health is going to vaccinate homebound individuals who live in Macon County, which is being coordinated through Senior Services and Emergency Services.

MCPH is also working with area partners to reach out to Latino community members who fall in the 65+ age group. Macon County Public Health will continue to update its social media pages to alert the public when the state and county advance to the next group of vaccination.

At this time, Macon County Public Health and NCDHHS are in Groups 1 and 2, with Group 3, specifically school and childcare staff being eligible to receive the vaccine on February 24th.

To register to receive the vaccine and to be contacted when appointments for your group are available, please call 828-524-1500. The vaccine call center is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday, until further notice.

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