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Public input being sought on future of Noquisiyi (Nikwasi) Mound.

Equinox in partnering with the NIkwasi Initiative is leading the planning for the Noquisiyi Cultural District in Franklin, NC. We are asking for anyone interested to please take the survey to provide feedback on your vision for the future of the area surrounding the Noquisiyi Mound. Take the survey here:
The public is asked to help envision the future of the Noquisiyi Cultural District by taking a survey for input on the design of the area surrounding the Noquisiyi Mound in Franklin, North Carolina. Noquisiyi (later interpreted as Nikwasi) means Star Place. It is a Cherokee townsite that is sacred and significant place to many. Noquisiyi is adjacent to the Little Tennessee River. The town’s meeting house once rose over the landscape, built atop the mound. Today, Noquisiyi Mound, the settlement’s only surviving landmark, rises as a gateway to western North Carolina.
The Noquisiyi Cultural District will be a place for Cherokee to tell their story and will provide green space and economic opportunity. It is envisioned to be a collective site with diverse offerings that reflect the past, present, and future culture of Cherokee. It will be a national example of how communities can build cross cultural bridges. The district will be a gateway and cultural center to far western North Carolina and to the 60-mile Cherokee Cultural Corridor, which celebrates and interprets the understanding of the Cherokee landmarks and historic sites.
The public’s feedback via this survey will inform the next stage of planning for the Noquisiyi Cultural District which is led by Equinox. Equinox, a planning and landscape architecture firm from Asheville, is working with Eastern Band of Cherokee Advisors, and a leadership team under the Nikwasi Initiative to guide the process. The Nikwasi Initiative will also be reaching out to stakeholders and will host several virtual public meetings in November. Stay tuned and learn more by visiting
Here is How You Can Take the Survey: The survey asks you to provide feedback on the Noquisiyi Cultural District vision and how to honor the importance of the Noquisiyi Mound as the heart of the district. The public has options for how to take the survey, including:
Online Survey. An online survey can be taken by visiting or by using your phone to click on the QR code. This survey should take 2-5 minutes to complete.
Paper surveys will be available at:
1. Qualla Boundary Public Library 810 Acquoni Rd.
2. Snowbird & Cherokee Community Center (near Ingles in Robbinsville, NC)
3. Fontana Region Library Macon County Library in Franklin, NC (149 Siler Farm Rd)
Thanks to supporting partners Mainspring Conservation Trust, the Town of Franklin NC, Macon County North Carolina Economic Development Commission, and others.

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