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Recycling revenues down; county continues program 

The Macon County Recycling Program works to serve multiple purposes including conserving natural resources, saving energy, creating less pollution, saving landfill space, and it puts money back into the county’s general tax base income funds. The more Macon County recycles, the more money the county is able to generate.

By volume, 80 percent of the waste generated is either recyclable or compostable. Macon County takes the recyclable items it receives at the landfills and then sells it to generate a revenue. According to Macon County Solid Waste Director Chris Stahl, those revenues are down this year, however, they are continuing.

“Macon County is still processing and selling recyclables,” said Stahl. “We aren’t making nearly as much as we have in the past because the markets are down. We have made as much as $400,000.00 in a year. We are projecting to be below $200,000.00 this year. “

The money generated from the sale of recycling goes into the Macon County Solid Waste Enterprise Fund, as does all revenues collected by the Department.

“The funds from the sale of recycling offset the need for other revenues such as tipping fees and availability fees,” said Stahl. “The lost revenue from recycling sales are what lead to the availability fee increase this fiscal year.”

In addition to the recycling services located at the Macon County Landfill in Franklin, there are 10 solid waste recycling drop-off convenience centers across the county. These centers accept recyclable materials and personal household solid waste only (defined as trash from kitchens, bathrooms, dens, etc. but not including construction materials, hazardous wastes, liquid wastes, or materials from commercial entities, even if located in a home).

These centers are located as listed to the left and are open for public use as indicated. Commercial wastes must be taken to the landfill in Franklin or to the transfer station in Highlands on Rich Gap Road.

Macon County ranks in the top percentage of North Carolina Counties for pounds per capita recycling

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