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Sheriff Holland releases additional information regarding Sunday incidents

As released Sunday in the initial MCSO statement, the sheriff’s office had two incidences reported on Sunday morning that were reported approximately ten minutes apart from one another to Macon County 911. 

Both incidences had victims reported as deceased from apparent gunshot wounds. Deputies responded immediately and after securing each of the scenes they requested the assistance of detectives. The MCSO Criminal Investigations Unit responded to both areas. During the course of their investigations, many interviews were conducted. Many of those interviewed included family members of those found deceased. Following those interviews and based on evidence found at each scene, the sheriff’s office was able to confirm that the two incidences are in no way connected. 

According to Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland, during the course of the investigation, MCSO was able to determine that the deceased male at the 64 West overlook was seen by a passing motorist sitting inside his vehicle around 8am stationary at the overlook area.  At 10:11 that same motorist driving towards Clay County saw the vehicle still in the same area at the overlook.  The motorist stopped to check on the occupants of the vehicle.  It is at 10:11am when the motorist called 911 to report what he had observed when he approached the occupied vehicle.  Detectives believe that the deceased 24 year old male died from a self inflicted gunshot and was deceased prior to the passing motorist seeing him sitting in his vehicle earlier in the morning. One firearm was collected by detectives which was found to be inside the vehicle and in possession of the deceased.  

The second incident was reported to have occurred at a Broadleaf Lane residence.  That investigation remains active and because of that we are limited as to what information we can release at this time.  “Having said this, we have become aware there is a concern in our community that there may be a connection between the two incidences but more importantly a concern that there may be a threat to public safety following three deaths of members of our community,” said Sheriff Holland. “In an effort to ease concerns, we are comfortable in releasing that we believe there is no need to be concerned about the safety of the community. As part of the investigation, we were able to verify investigation that the male living at the Broadleaf home had communicated with family members and a family friend around 10am and just prior to his death.”

According to Holland,  this information is important because it shows he was alive after the first incident and just prior to being found deceased at 10:22am.  Because of this information and additional information not being released, the MCSO is confident that there is no need for anyone to be concerned that there is any connection between the two.  

“Both of these incidences ended with men who for unknown reasons committed suicide,” said Sheriff Holland. “One included a man shooting his wife and two dogs prior to taking his own life.  Two firearms were seized and one was still in possession of the deceased male.  We may never know exactly why this occurred but I can find no reason to release additional information that only adds more heartache to the families or friends.  While we are trying to be as transparent as possible, I feel there is no benefit to publicly share additional details into these incidences moving forward.  We will instead only share information with representatives of the immediate family or when we deem it necessary.  There is no reason for anyone to feel there is any threat to the community related to either of these cases.  Due to the thorough investigation conducted by our CID Unit, many unanswered questions have been answered but also recognize that there may be questions that will never be answered.”

This investigation will remain active until the CID Unit concludes their complete and thorough investigation. Autopsies are scheduled to be performed this week.

“We extend our condolences to the family & friends for their losses and all will remain in our thoughts and prayers,” said Holland.

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