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Spring 2021 COVID entrance testing policy for WCU students living on campus

All WCU students residing on campus in the residence halls are expected to take a COVID-19 test within 3 to 5 days of their scheduled move-in date and receive a negative test result.

Students should submit their test results to Residential Living before returning to campus for the Spring 2021 term. If a student does not submit a negative test result, for a test taken 3 to 5 days before their move in, they will not be permitted to return to the residence halls and access to University services will be denied. Residential Living will disable CatCard access to residence halls and meal plans until students have successfully submitted their negative test results. Students that violate this policy will be held accountable pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct and consistent with COVID-19 related violations.

Students should take the following steps for testing before their Spring 2021 scheduled move-in date:

  1. Identify where you will take a COVID-19 test. The NCDHHS test site finder website can help in-state students find testing sites in NC. For out-of-state students, we recommend you contact your primary care physician’s office, a local pharmacy, urgent care, or your local health department for testing resources.
  2. Two weeks prior to your COVID-19 test, and after being tested, please take steps to minimize your potential exposure to COVID-19 and carefully monitor your health. For example, avoid parties and other large gatherings of people, monitor your health for symptoms, and check your temperature daily before you test to be sure you are symptom free. If you are experiencing symptoms, you should quarantine until you have your test results.
  3. After you have received a copy of your test results, you can complete the Spring 2021 COVID-19 Test Report form at  To complete the form, you will need to upload a legible picture or screenshot of your test result. Residential Living will review each test result submission.
    • Positive results: If your test result is positive, you CANNOT return to the residence halls.

      Follow the instructions of your test provider and contact Residential Living to reschedule your move-in date.

    • Negative results: If your test result is negative, complete the Spring 2021 test report submission form

      including uploading your test result documentation.

      Residential Living will clear you to return to the residence halls (e.g., activate your

      CatCard, etc.) and email your final confirmation of move-in time to your Catamount email.

  4. Call Health Services at 828.227.7640 if you have any questions about testing or COVID-19 related symptoms. Call Residential Living at 828.227.7303 if you have any questions about test result submission and/or move-in for Spring 2021.

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