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The Inside Scoop: Carwash being constructed next to Georgia Rd Ingles

Just before the Super Ingles on the Georgia Road, next to the old concrete plant, extensive grading work is nearly complete, which has resulted in questions as to what will be constructed on the lot.

According to permits on file with Macon County and the town of Franklin, the area located next to  Ingles will soon be home to a carwash.

KR Carwashes, LLC pulled a permit from the town of Franklin last August and then a construction permit from the county in March to build the new carwash – Jet Express Carwash. The company is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and has another location in Athens, Georgia.

“I really love the area and although it is a smaller community, it has a good population and the density and demographics of Franklin is perfect for the business,” said Rick Gimla, owner of Jet Express.

Gimla, the carwash will have two options for customers, single visits starting at $10 for a basic option with additional fees for add ons or a monthly packages starting at $24.99 for unlimited daily washes during that month.

“You can decide which of our unlimited wash plans works best for you,” said Gimla. “Your credit or debit card will be charged monthly for the plan you choose and will renew automatically each month until you cancel it.”

Cars are then outfitted with a FastPass Tag, which is a small sticker in the bottom left corner of the car windshield. A computer system reads the tag and then the package you have purchased will allow you to have your car washed.

According to Gimla, the car wash is expected to open in late November, just in time for winter, when Gimla says is their busiest month.

“In the winter months, people don’t want to get out of their cars to wash the car themselves, and with the salt and stuff that can build up from the road, it is the busiest time of year for us,” said Gimla. “Our tunnel is heated and can wash cars in temperatures as low as 25 degrees.”

The car wash will feature an automated pay station, followed by staff that will guide drivers into the car wash.

“The staff will touch the problem areas on the car to prep is for the tunnel,” explained Gimla. “So if there are a lot of bugs on the windshield or salt on the undercarriage, they will address those before sending the car through the 125 foot tunnel.”

Once outside of the tunnel, Gimla said there will be 26 self serve vacuum lanes, which come free with every wash. There will also be towels and stations set up with interior cleaners for customers to use as they please.

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