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The Inside Scoop: Infinite30 in the Mountains

My weight loss struggles go back to after I had Turner — I am talking YEARS. I had tried everything to get the weight off — and keep it off— and I just couldn’t do it. Then I found the 20/30 program at the Franklin Health and Fitness Center. I dropped 20 pounds in a month and made changes to my lifestyle that allowed me to keep the weight off. 

Fast forward to having Sawyer— and then a year later having Kyler. Two back to back babies basically killed my metabolism, my energy, my desire to do anything other than sleep when I wasn’t parenting. A couple of months after Kyler was born, in the middle of a pandemic, I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis and had to have a hysterectomy. My hormones are all over the place. We are in a pandemic so we rarely leave the house — I have put on more than a few COVID pounds. I needed to do something. 

So I reached out to my friend Mandy Holland Laws who took over the 20/30 program in Franklin after the fitness center discontinued it. Mandy, who worked as the nutrition coach for the fitness center Opened Infinte30 in the Mountains in Franklin last year. The Infinite30 program is very similar to 20/30 but with a few key changes that have me super excited. If you have NO clue what I am talking about — it’s ok! I will give you all the details as I go!

I am dedicating the month of February to myself. To getting back to the best version of me. I want to sleep better, I want the energy to work all day and then play with the kiddos in the evenings. So Feb. 1 starts Day 1 of my Infinte30 journey and I plan to give you all weekly updates about the program — the changes — and how it works for me. 

I know this isn’t a quick fix or an easy diet. This is a way to get back on track, and stay on track — because as we all know, I am not getting any younger and clearly need to do things to take care of the 30+ year old, mom of three, me!

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