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Totally Rad 80’s Flashback Weekend raises $27k for Shriners Children’s Greenville

Gnarly news, dudes and dudettes! The 9th Annual 80’s Flashback Weekend, a righteous blast from the past, took place on Friday, August 4th, and Saturday, August 5th, leaving attendees stoked and the charity ticker skyrocketing to an epic $27,004.78!

This tubular event, held annually, was all about raising funds to support Shriners Children’s Greenville, helping these gnarly kids become “HANDICAPABLE!” The proceeds from this radical fundraiser will aid the hospital in their mission to provide top-notch care to children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

The vibe got even more righteous on Tuesday, September 19th, as the 80’s Flashback Weekend Committee rolled into Shriners Children’s Greenville to deliver this year’s mondo donation check. The hospital threw an ultimate 80’s-themed bash, where staff and patients sported legwarmers, neon colors, and teased hair, celebrating the generosity in true 80’s style.

Big shoutouts to the hospital staff, true champions of compassion! The 80’s Flashback Weekend Committee showed their gnarly appreciation with a radical 80’s trivia showdown and heaps of rad giveaways, a righteous “Thank you!” for the stellar work they do for the patients and their families.

And get this, dudes and dudettes – this year’s fundraiser had the biggest turnout in its history, making waves like never before! Plans are already cooking for the 10th-year shindig next summer, scheduled for Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3, 2024. It’s gonna be, like, totally tubular!

For more deets about this annual blast from the past and how to get involved, hit up Dave Linn at 828.421.7637. Let’s keep the radness rolling and continue making a difference in the lives of these awesome kids.

Stay radical, stay 80’s!

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