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Carol Arnold appointed to replace Goldsmith on Board of Education

Macon County Board of Education met Monday morning to vote on a replacement for the seat left vacant after Board Member Fred Goldsmith announced his resignation earlier this month. 

After Goldsmith announced his resignation, the board followed the procedure of opening up the vacant seat for applications or letters of interest from members of the community to be considered. The Board of Education received four letters of interest. 

Board member Tommy Cabe nominated Carol Arnold who submitted her application for consideration.  Arnold is a retired Macon County Educator and is retired from working in the central office of the school system. 

“I have worked with Carol and honestly she probably deserves a seat on the board for her knowledge more than I do,” said Board member Melissa Evans. “I think all of those who showed interest in the open seat are great people and I think Carol will do a good job.” 

Stephanie McCall, who is set to come off the Board of Education next week, voted against Arnold being appointed to the seat. McCall said that she had been contacted by individuals of the community who wanted to see Matt Mason appointed to the seat. 

Mason ran for the Macon County Board of Education earlier this month, however, he lost to incumbent Jim Breedlove. However, Mason was not one of the four individuals who submitted the requested letters of interest. McCall did not say she had spoken to Mason about the appointment and said that she was not sure why he did not submit a letter of interest. 

The last time a board member was replaced due to a resignation was when McCall was selected to serve on the board to represent Highlands in 2009. McCall was selected out of a pool of seven candidates submitted for consideration. 

Although McCall voted against Arnold being appointed, the vote passed 3-1, with Arnold being appointed to fill Goldsmith’s seat. Arnold will serve the remaining term and will be able to seek election for the position in two years. 

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