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Jackson County will begin in Plan B before moving to Plan C in two weeks

Last updated on July 29, 2020

The Jackson County Board of Education approved a transitional Plan B to Plan C goal for the Fall 2020-21 school year.

The new plan is for students to begin the school year with a two week orientation with small groups of students to allow them the opportunity to build relationships with teachers and staff. Students will be separated into two groups – A and B, and students will go alternating days on the AA and BB schedule for the first two weeks. All students will be fully remote on Wednesday to allow for cleaning and teachers to have planning time between groups, with the exception of Jackson County Early College which will have remote days on Fridays, to align with Southwestern Community College classes.

The board will then go to two weeks of full remote learning. However, in the meantime the board will come back together and reevaluate how the first two weeks went and make a decision regarding the possibility of transition to Plan C or if a version of Plan B would be possible.

Families with children at different schools will be assigned the same schedule.

Parents need to notify their school site no later than Friday whether or not they want their child in either face to face or remote instruction. While the school will begin in Plan B, if a parent wants their child in remote instruction only, they can opt to do that.

The deadline was implemented to give schools time to adequately prepare for class sizes. If parents do not notify the school by Friday, they will be placed in face to face learning. Students will be able to transfer to remote learning at any time, however they cannot transition from Plan C to Plan B before the end of the semester or another designated time determined by the board.


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