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Macon County School employees will receive COVID19 Hazard Pay 

As the Macon County School System enters the final weeks of hybrid learning during the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic, the board of education voted unanimously to provide school staff with hazard pay for working during the last year. 

On a motion made by Carol Arnold and seconded by Tommy Cabe, the Board approved by a 5-0 vote for hazard pay to be given to all employees. An estimated 800 employees will receive the bonus — with the majority of employees receiving $750, which is comparable to a similar bonus given by county commissioners earlier this year to county employees. 

Any employee to work over 20 days will receive $750 including substitute employees such as substitute teachers, bus drivers, and food nutrition workers. Employees who have worked at least 10 days but less than 20 days will be considered part-time and receive a $375 bonus. 

Macon County Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin proposed the hazard pay after end-of-year budget planning showed the district had additional COVID19 relief funding available. While the relief funding had strict guidelines for how it could be spent, hazard pay for employees was one of the acceptable allocations. 

Macon County Schools Finance Director said that ideally the bonuses will be distributed during the next pay cycle for employees and all currently active employees in the month of May will receive the bonus. 

Each member of the Board of Education expressed their appreciation to school system staff for working over the last year, recognizing the trying times public education has faced since the beginning of the pandemic. 

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