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Macon County Virtual Academy hosting first open house 

After spending last year learning the ropes of virtual learning, the Macon County Board of Education voted earlier this year to establish a permeant option for families across the district who choose to continue virtual learning next school year.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, Macon County Schools was lucky to provide some in-person instruction to students who desired to attend school on-site,” Macon County Schools STEM Coordinator Jennifer Love said in March. “All students participated in some virtual instruction but teachers were limited to the amount of direct instruction they were able to provide in order to accommodate for multiple students in a home, students with limited internet service, and so they could provide direct instruction to their in-person students.”

Macon County Schools Virtual Academy will defer from last year’s virtual learning experience, as the school will be dedicated to students enrolled in virtual learning. The school has its own administration and staff and will operate completely independent of other schools in Macon County.

Students in the Macon Virtual Academy will be issued a device (iPad) to use at home. Parent/guardian involvement, compatible internet service, and student motivation are required in order to succeed at the Macon Virtual Academy.

The Macon Virtual Academy, starting Fall 2021, have students engaged in direct instruction and specific daily assignments and expectations throughout the day.

Students will be graded in the same way that they would be graded in an in-person classroom. Classroom participation, assignment completion, and assessment will be given through their virtual classroom. Students will have one week to complete assignments after they are assigned before they will not be accepted or will have points taken off their grade due to late work. Parents/guardians will be able to access student grades through the Powerschool portal and will also receive progress reports and report cards throughout the school year.

Students will be able to take Art, Music, PE, STEM as well as participate in a virtual club time on Friday. Macon Virtual Academy students will also have the opportunity to participate in some in-person field trips throughout the school year.

Unlike the 2020-2021 school year, students will not be allowed to move back and forth between the Macon Virtual Academy and their in-person classroom at their “home-zoned” school EXCEPT at the semester break at the end of December.

The application period for Fall 2021 was March – April 2021. The application period for Spring 2022 will open in October 2021.

Parents may email Colleen Strickland at or call her at 828-524-4414 to request a late admission application. Students who are not accepted, but are found eligible, for the Fall 2021 Macon Virtual Academy will be put on a waitlist for the second semester. Parents/Guardians will be contacted in early December 2021 if there are any available spots.

If schools are unable to open at 100% capacity during the school year due to Covid-19, additional virtual spaces will be provided.

Macon County Virtual Academy open house events are scheduled for August 18 & 19 at varying times.

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