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MEC Fox Trot scheduled to raise money for PTSO

The Macon Early College PTSO is organizing the school’s first-ever “jog-a-thon” to raise money for needs across the school. 

The MEC Fox Trot is scheduled to take place during school on Friday, March 18 beginning at noon. To raise money, MEC students are being asked to obtain “sponsors” for their participation in the race.  Each student that raises at least $20 will get a race T-shirt and a pizza lunch. Students who raise $50 or more in individual sponsorships, will win tickets to be entered for prize drawings and raffles. Sponsor sheets are due from students by March 1.

The MEC PTSO uses funding to assist students and teachers at MEC.  Funding has been used for picnic tables, basketball courts and goals, Christmas assistance, school supply needs, food for student events, assistance in field trips, etc. 

If you would like to sponsor a student or students, you may contact a student or Macon Early College at (828) 524-2002  to get more information.

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