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School reopening plans for each school site

The information gathered from the surveys is very important to our schools in planning for remote instruction during the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

  1. If you have multiple students at one school, there is a space on the survey to answer questions about each child.
  2. If you have students that attend multiple schools we will need you to fill out a survey for each school these students attend. This will help us make school-based decisions.

Surveys can be completed online using the link provided.  If you are unable to access the internet, you may fill out the surveys at your student’s school.

Please submit the surveys by July 29th (Wednesday).

Franklin Area Schools

Franklin Area Elementary Schools, Mountain View Intermediate School, and Macon Middle School – Fridays will be used for remote instruction for sanitation and cleaning.

Group A will attend school in-person on Monday and Wednesday.  Group A will participate in remote instruction at home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Group B will attend school in-person on Tuesday and Thursday.  Group B will participate in remote instruction at home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Week 1 Group A in-person – Group B remote

Week 2 Group B in-person – Group A remote

Franklin High School

Franklin High School 9th and 11th-grade students will attend in person on Monday and Wednesday. 10th and 12th-grade students will attend in person on Tuesday and Thursday. Students attending in person will be socially distanced in classrooms according to state guidelines. Students will participate in virtual assignments on any day they don’t attend. Fridays will be used for faculty office hours by appointment and remote instruction.

Macon Early College

Macon Early College will operate using an alternate day format. Group A will attend on Monday/Wednesday and Group B will attend Tuesday/Thursday. These groups apply to high school classes taught by MEC teachers only and group assignment is hand written at the top of each schedule packet available for pickup at MEC. All MEC high school based classes will be remote learning on Friday’s. All MEC high school classes begin on August 10, 2020. All MEC students take classes at Southwestern Community College (SCC). SCC classes will most likely be hybrid or fully remote learning classes for the Fall 2020 semester. SCC professors will be making decisions as to which students will physically attend classes on which days. For example: A student may have an SCC class on Monday/Wednesday at 8-9:15 AM traditionally. The professor may decide that your student only attends on Monday’s from 8:00-9:15 and does remote learning on Wednesday’s. More details will be announced by SCC closer to the start date for SCC classes which is August 17th.

Union Academy

All Union Academy students will attend school Monday-Thursday every week. Union Academy has a low enough ADM (average daily membership) to allow for social distancing based on NC guidelines.   Students will be socially distanced and will wear masks while in common areas and in classrooms.  Fridays will be a distance learning day every week.  On Fridays, all students will complete remote learning assignments and work on becoming adept in distance learning skills.

Highlands School

Highlands School will be offering a combination of face-to-face instruction and remote learning for students K-12. Highlands School will have a detailed schedule completed and disseminated to parents/families no later than August 3.

Nantahala School

Nantahala School will offer 100% participation in school, every day, in-person. Student numbers are currently below 50% capacity and are appropriate for social distancing. All safety protocols will be required.

Virtual Academy

100% remote learning at home using internet access and Google Classroom or Canvas platform. Certified Macon County teachers provide all instruction. Registration required.


In-person: Students attend school at their assigned school building with reduced density to allow for social distancing. The reduced density will be reached differently at each school (see below).

Remote: Students complete assignments assigned through Google Classroom or Canvas at home. These assignments will include a combination of online and offline activities. Remote learning will take place on assigned remote learning days in Plan B or 100% of the time in Plan C. Plan A also includes 5 remote learning days that have been scheduled into the school calendar. We are currently NOT using Plan A for the start of school.


Plan B

Under this plan, Macon County Schools must reduce the number of students attending classes by to allow for social distancing. This plan involves a combination of in-person learning at school and remote learning at home using iPads provided by Macon County Schools for K-12th grade. These devices, charging cords, and basic instructions will be provided to the students during the first two weeks of school. Help desks and other resources will be made available to parents and students as we adapt to this new learning platform. Meals will be made available on both in-person days and remote learning days through the Macon County School Nutrition Department dependent upon State and Local guidelines.

Plan C

At any point throughout the 2020-2021 school year that COVID-19 cases reach substantial community spread, the Macon County Health Department, Macon County Schools and/or NC Governor’s Office may require our school system to move to Plan C. In this plan, all students will receive remote instruction every day. All instruction and assignments will be delivered and completed using student iPads, Google Meetings, and Google Classroom activities. Meals will be made available on remote learning days through the Macon County School Nutrition Department dependent upon State and Local guidelines.

To access the link for your child’s school visit:

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