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Statement of Dr. Chris Baldwin and Sheriff Robert Holland regarding threats made on school bus

Tuesday afternoon Macon County School (MCS) officials received a report of an Mountain View Intermediate student making statements that are deemed inappropriate and threatening in nature. According to an adult witness on the bus, part of the statement involved bringing a shotgun to school. The principal was immediately notified and reported the incident to the school resource officer (SRO). That officer initiated an investigation into the incident which including locating the student at home. The student as well as the student’s guardians were interviewed and the investigation remains ongoing. Meanwhile, all resources for such an incident are being utilized to their fullest.

We want our students and their families to know this situation is being dealt with and all parties involved in this situation feel there is no reason to believe anyone is in danger. However, there will be additional officers on various campuses tomorrow as they may or may not be part of the ongoing investigation.

Sheriff Holland & Dr. Baldwin jointly state: “Tonight would be a good time to take advantage of the opportunity to have a discussion with your children/grand children about having healthy conversations with your friends at school and about the seriousness of making any kind of threatening statements about anyone and the serious consequences you WILL face making such statements.”

This is an elementary age student therefore no additional information will be provided moving forward unless we deem it to be a safety concern.

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