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The Inside Scoop: Exploring Silver Run Falls in Jackson County

The best part of living in WNC is the endless adventures and spots to explore right here in our backyard. The family and I loaded up this afternoon to explore Silver Run Falls in Cashiers, NC. I had seen pictures of the waterfall and swimming hole, but despite living here my entire life, I had never been so I was excited to check it out – plus, everything I read online said the waterfall was an easy walking path—not a big hike – so that really spoke my language.

The directions I found online weren’t very specific, “about 4 miles down NC 107 on the left side of the road” was about all I got. And all the pictures I saw online were of the actual waterfall, so I didn’t really know what we were looking for – But have no fear, I snapped a picture so you will know what to look for. Parking is super limited, 4 or 5 cars max.

A couple of the websites I read just said off NC 107 – which lead me to assume it was on the Glenville side of Cashiers — I was wrong. The waterfall is on NC 107 between Macon and Jackson County. If you are some sort of wizard and are one of those people who know North, South, East, or West – it will be South on NC 107, so I am sure your directional witchcraft will have better luck me.

The trail dips down on a gravel, well-maintained path and goes into the woods. About 100 yards in there is a huge tree trunk on the path, but it is easy enough to hop over. The entire trail to the waterfall couldn’t have been more than ¼ of a mile and pretty flat. You cross a small wooden bridge and go up a few steps and then it opens up to the clearing where you see the base of the waterfall.

We went after lunch on Sunday, so there weren’t too many people crowding it, but there is no “beach” area or place to hang out – it’s a trail, then some huge rocks into the waterfall. So if more than 15-20 people were there, it would be a little too much for me.

There are two places to entre/exit around the waterfall both involving climbing down some flat rocks to actually get into the water. I did it with Kyler on my back and Nick did it carrying Sawyer, so its pretty simple.

It is beautiful and the water is cool. There is a large rock right at the base of the waterfall that you can walk up to with ease. Most of the water is knee-deep, but there were some deeper parts toward the middle of what equates to a pretty large pool of water.

There is another waterfall up behind Silver Run Falls, we didn’t make it because from what I found out about it, it was a little tougher to get to and not easy to do with kids.

If the waterfall gets too crowded, a little secret spot we found while heading back to the track was just a little side trail near the trailhead that goes down into the woods. About 100 yards down the trail it leads you to a nice little swimming spot in the creek.

I would highlight recommend a visit. Pack a picnic and plan to spend the day!


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