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Karen Gorby retires as CEO of Angel Hospital; Layman to serve as interim

In a column from Dr. Timothy Layman, DNP, is the Director of Hospital Clinical Operations for Angel Medical Center, he announces his role as and the new Interim CEO/CNO for the hospital. See column below:

I am writing our monthly column after the recent retirement of our esteemed Chief Executive Officer-Chief Nursing Officer for Angel Medical Center (AMC), Karen
Gorby. We are all grateful for her many years of stellar service to the hospital and our community.  Karen’s career spanned four decades and she enjoyed many achievements while at AMC, including her prioritization of hiring the best and brightest clinical staff, growing our hospital services, and leading us through the land acquisition and planning phases for our new facility, due to be completed in the fall of 2022.

One of the services lines I am happy to see growing most is orthopedics. An orthopedist treats musculoskeletal issues, or conditions and injuries having to do with the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments (tissue that attaches bone to bone), and tendons (tissue that connects muscle to bone) in your body. For example, this type of physician helps patients who experience bone fractures, sports injuries, and conditions like scoliosis and arthritis.

Orthopedists address many types of pain, including neck, back, shoulder, and knee problems through both nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Orthopedists perform standard surgical procedures, including joint replacement surgery, bone graft surgery (taking bone from another part of the body or from a donor to repair bones that are damaged or weak), and spinal fusion (a procedure that connects vertebral discs).

Another frequently performed type of orthopedic surgery is arthroscopy, where an orthopedic surgeon inserts a thin tube with a tiny camera on it, connected to a video monitor, to see your joint up close. Small surgical tools also fit through the tube so they can make repairs and remove debris. Arthroscopic surgery revolutionized orthopedic surgery because it requires only a few small incisions, unlike traditional surgery. As a result, patients who undergo arthroscopic surgery heal faster, experience less blood loss and scarring, and experience shorter hospital stays.

Angel Medical Center has its own orthopedics clinic, Mission Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine, here in Franklin at 190 Riverview Street. So whether you need carpal tunnel syndrome surgery due to repetitive stress, treatment for a torn hamstring, or joint replacement surgery, we can help.

Our orthopedics team is second to none and consists of orthopedic surgeons Dr. Doug Lucas, Dr. Pam Meliski, and Dr. Gregory Crawley, who started with us in January. He came from practicing for many years in the northern Atlanta suburbs. Each of our orthopedic surgeons is committed to providing the most advanced care, with warmth and a strong focus on the patient.

We’re also fortunate to have our talented Sports Medicine specialist here, Dr. J. D. Hales, and our dedicated Orthopedics Physician Assistant, Luke Stockdale, who round out our team.  Luke did a tremendous job of helping us and going the extra mile for our patients while we were searching for Dr. Crawley.

Many conservative treatments exist with orthopedic conditions and injuries, including taking over-the-counter and safely managed prescription pain medications, physical therapy, joint injections, and other noninvasive techniques.   

Sometimes, however, surgery is called for. Be assured that our orthopedic surgeons are board-certified and have extensive experience performing same-day total joint replacement for eligible patients and a wide range of hip and knee procedures.

Summer is a time when we see more sprains, fractures, tears, and broken bones than usual since we’re biking, hiking, running, and walking, around these mountains. People are especially anxious to get outside now that it’s warmer, after more than a year of quarantining as best we could, so bear in mind that there are some things you can do to prevent orthopedic injury during activities. These include wearing proper footwear for the activity you’re engaged in, exercising with a buddy so you can help each other if either of you is injured, and carrying a cell phone with you. That way, help can be on the way immediately if you take a fall or twist an ankle.

We’re here to provide the most advanced orthopedic care for you and have an entire, experienced team in place now, which benefits our community tremendously.

With proper orthopedic care right here, our patients are free to enjoy increased mobility, freedom from pain, and a higher quality of life. If you would like to contact the Mission Orthopedics and Sports Medicine office call 828-349-8260.

Dr. Timothy Layman, DNP, is the Director of Hospital Clinical Operations and the Interim CEO/CNO at Angel Medical Center. Layman holds a DNP in Nursing Practice from Yale University, an MBA in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University, a MS in Nursing Administration from LaRoche College, and a BS in Nursing from Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to Angel Medical Center and Mission Health, he served as Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Thomas Jefferson University. Layman currently serves on the faculty of LaRoche University and Yale University.

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