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The Inside Scoop: Hitting that magical number on the scale! 

This morning I got on the scale and after 26 days with the Infinite30 in the Mountain Program, I hit my goal weight! Well, not my final goal weight, but the number I wanted to reach in the first 30 days of the program!!  While I am not going to throw my weight out for the world — I do want you to know that to reach the “magic number” I lost a total of 17.5 pounds! That is equally INSANE to me that I was able to do that in 26 days — and also extremely embarrassing that I had that much to lose! 

In addition to the 17.5 pounds that I have lost — I also lost 14.3 inches total in my arms, legs, torso, and other places. I saw the biggest loss in my waist which is down 4.5 inches!! I have also lost about 3% body fat, 10 pounds of fat mass, and 7 pounds of lean mass!

Some none scale/measurement victories — my wedding ring is SUPER loose and now I need a sizer. The knee brace that I bought after I tore my ACL in January is too big so now I need a smaller size. And my Toms (shoes) are too big — meaning I literally lost weight in my fat feet! My mind is SERIOUSLY BLOWN. 

March 1 will mark one full month for me on the program which is when I will do my final weight in and will take actual “after” pictures with my coach, Mandy Holland Laws to show you guys a side by side. I am going to be posting those results and highlighting the next phase in the process to continue changing my lifestyle for the better! 

If you can’t tell, I am so stinking excited and couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to try the Infinite30 program! 

Remember, that I was able to work some charm and convinced Mandy to offer my readers a 10% discount on the entire program!! It may not be much — but it is something and might just be the little added bonus you need to get started! So if you are interested, give her a call. And if you decide to do it, tell her you have seen it on The Southern Scoop and you will get the discount — easy as that!

If you want more details, contact Infinite30 in the Mountains at 828-371-2359 or email at

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