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Angel Medical Center welcomes Dr. Robert Lane, Hand Surgeon

Mission Health is pleased to welcome Dr. Robert Lane, the newest addition to Angel Medical Center and Asheville Orthopaedic Associates – Franklin, located at 190 Riverview Street, Franklin, NC. Dr. Lane is a board-certified and fellowship-trained hand and upper extremity surgeon. 

Dr. Lane believes his responsibility is to deliver the highest level of compassion, expertise and honesty with his patients. His goal is to empower patients through education, as he believes all patients play a critical role in their treatment and views them as a partner.

His ultimate goal is to have patients back to sports, work, hobbies and doing whatever it is that they love – quickly.

“A big part of orthopedic treatment involves bringing function/meaning back into people’s lives,” says Lane. “Whether the patient’s goals are wanting to get back to sports, work, or their hobbies, being part of a team that helps the patient achieve this goal is very rewarding.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane, please call 828-349-8260.


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