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Bartram Academy and LBJ Job Corps Partnership: A Promising Opportunity for Students

Union Academy embarked on a new journey and transformation at the beginning of this school year. After gaining a new principal in Brian Moffitt, he successfully sought approval from the school system to rename the school, Bartram Academy, reflecting a commitment to instill curiosity, adventure, and growth in its students. This change is coupled with the exciting news of a partnership between Bartram Academy and LBJ Job Corps, offering enhanced educational opportunities for both sets of students.

During the recent September board meeting of the Macon County Board of Education, a program was approved that opens doors for Bartram Academy students to pursue career-track vocational courses, enriching their education and preparing them for the future. Simultaneously, students enrolled at LBJ Job Corps will have the opportunity to complete their high school diploma if needed, through Macon County Virtual Academy.

The LBJ Job Corps is a government-sponsored residential education and job-training program catering to young people aged 16-24, primarily from low-income and at-risk backgrounds. Established in 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson as a part of the War on Poverty and Great Society domestic reforms, the Job Corps program aims to impart academic and vocational skills essential for future employment.

There are 120 Job Corps centers nationwide, with four situated in North Carolina. LBJ Job Corps, one of these centers, primarily serves students from inner city areas in cities like Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh, as well as from the southeastern catchment area, encompassing states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Furthermore, LBJ Job Corps also extends its services to students from diverse backgrounds, including world refugees from Africa and Burma.

At LBJ Job Corps, students have access to a range of vocations, including office administration, culinary arts, painting, welding, facility maintenance, and brick masonry. The career pathways available for students encompass entry-level jobs, military service, and college education. Additionally, the program offers advanced training opportunities across America, allowing students to further hone their skills and expertise. Apprenticeship opportunities, such as working with the Forest Service, provide a practical and hands-on approach to learning.

“Our goal is to leverage our resources to help at-risk students earn a high school diploma, and complete a technical job skills program en route to finding long-term employment,” said Moffitt.

The partnership between Bartram Academy and LBJ Job Corps signifies a collaborative effort to broaden educational horizons and enhance career prospects for the students involved. Bartram Academy students can now access valuable vocational training, enriching their academic journey such as union brick masonry, union painting, facility maintenance, culinary arts, and office administration. Simultaneously, students from LBJ Job Corps will have the chance to complete their high school education, opening up a multitude of opportunities for their future.

This partnership exemplifies the dedication of both institutions to empower students, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen career paths. As Bartram Academy embraces its new identity as the Home of the Explorers, this collaboration with LBJ Job Corps promises an exciting and fruitful adventure for all students involved, setting the stage for a brighter future.

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