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District Attorney’s office advises public to watch for jury summons

With jury trials in North Carolina again underway, you might open your mailbox and find a jury summons. Please don’t ignore it.
First, a jury summons is an official court order. There are potential penalties attached for those who don’t show up. The court could hold you in contempt and/or impose a $50 fine for each time you fail to appear.
Secondly, our system of justice depends on citizens respecting and fulfilling their civic duty. Your individual jury service helps to safeguard everyone’s constitutional rights.
The District Attorney’s Office understands the concerns about the threat of coronavirus. Judicial leaders have put in place safety measures to minimize health risks to jurors. These plans were developed with the help of county administrators across the 43rd Prosecutorial District, in Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Cherokee, Clay, Swain and Graham counties.
Anyone who enters a courthouse is required to wear a mask. To maintain social distancing, only a certain number of people are allowed into courtrooms.
You can view the safety plans in their entirety for each county on the North Carolina Judicial Branch website,
If you have questions about jury service, call the number listed on the summons or contact your county’s Clerk of Court’s office.

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