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Dr. Jason Creel returns to Franklin to open new medical practice

After a short absence serving residents in Franklin, Dr. Jason D. Creel will be returning to Macon County and opening a new practice in January 2022. 

“I had always hoped and planned to return to Franklin but life circumstances lead to being away for four years,” said Dr. Jason Creel. “I am looking forward to coming home to serve my friends and neighbors.”

Dr. Creel is a family medicine doctor providing care for all ages, with significant experience in women’s and children’s services. After recently working for Western Carolina University as a physician, Dr. Creel is excited to return home. While being the medical director and team physician at Western Carolina University for over last three years, Dr. Creel also developed more experience and skills related to sports medicine. He feels this experience will also benefit the communities healthcare needs.  

“Please let me first share my gratitude to so many friends that have supported and encouraged me since departing from the Mission medical system,” said Dr. Creel. “I never thought I would be away for so long!  However, I am so excited and happy to finally be launching my own medical practice back in Franklin.  

I had promised many to let them know when I was returning to Franklin. As you might remember, I also posted on Facebook four years ago regarding my very difficult decision to leave. I now joyfully post that I am finally returning to where I belong – with so many patients who I deeply care for!”

Dr. Creel’s new practice will be located at 36 Westgate Plaza and will be officially open on January 1, 2022 as Macon Family Medical Care. 

Dr. Creel’s staff are already taking prescheduling for when they open their doors in the new year, and according to Dr. Creel, the majority of patients are familiar names and faces. 

“I have noticed with prescheduling that many are previous patients that I already know well,” said Dr. Creel. “I am excited to have the opportunity to once again serve these patients as well as provide care to new patients in our community. 

Macon Family Medical Care will be providing primary care for all ages, including same day urgent care needs. (Covid testing will be available) While the practice will be opening with Dr. Creel as the sole provider, he said there is an opportunity for that to change in the near future if need dictates such. 

While Dr. Creel has been working for Western Carolina University since 2017, he has continued serving Macon County as the contract physician for the Macon County Detention Center. 

Macon Family Medical Care officially opens on January 1, 2022. However, they are prescheduling now. If anyone is interested in scheduling an appointment or inquiring about possible employment, please call 828-576-7058.

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