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Fourth arrest made in Macon County homicide investigation

As the recent homicide investigation continues, a Macon County woman has been formally charged with two counts of Felony Kidnapping. Lenore “Lenoka” Wilson of Otto, NC was arrested this evening in relation to the homicide of the individual reported missing on Friday, May 20th.
“Our Investigators will continue to conduct a thorough investigation and follow up with any and all leads,” Sheriff Robert Holland states. “Our detectives have worked tirelessly since the initial missing person report was filed and later that day finding human remains. During this investigation, detectives have conducted multiple interviews and continue to conduct more. We already know there are people who saw our victim prior to her death and we know there are people who saw her after her death. We know there are those who have information that could assist in our investigation.”
This is the fourth person to be arrested and the investigation will continue which includes working with our District Attorney’s Office and all of our other law enforcement partners in both North Carolina and Georgia.
“We are not playing games and now is the time to come forward,”Sheriff Holland concludes.
Bond for Wilson has been set at $200,000 and she remains in the Macon County Detention Center.


  1. Karen Roberts Karen Roberts May 25, 2022

    Thank God there is a new sheriff in town. What a great improvement that will be. I am very excited about the changes we will see. I would like to see our drug problem resolved. I would like to see a more dedicated group of sheriff deputies, who may actually show up when called. A 911 staff who listens more than argues. Brent you have your hands full, good luck to you and you new staff. Blessings. We are behind you.

    • Fred Wilson Fred Wilson May 28, 2022

      Change? The change candidate did not win. Any of the three candidates who spent all of their careers working for Macon County SO, means more of the same. Oh there will be some changes, but the culture will remain the same. Real organizational change that could improve an agency, rarely comes from within. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

      Good luck to the new Sheriff Holbrooks.

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