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Jackson Commissioners proclaim Law Enforcement Officers Week, recognize Purple Heart designation

By Kristin Fox

Last week at their regular monthly meeting, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted two proclamations – the Law Enforcement Officers Week and Peace Officers Memorial Day and the designation of Jackson County as a Purple Heart County.

Joining Congress and the President of the United States, Jackson County has designated a National Peace Officers Memorial Day during Law Enforcement Officers Week. The Jackson County Board of Commissioners proclaim May 15–21, 2023 as “Law Enforcement Officers Week” and May 15, 2023, as “Peace Officers Memorial Day” in Jackson County and commend its observance to all citizens.

On behalf of Jackson County, the commissioners recognize that “the members of law enforcement agencies of Jackson County play an essential role in safeguarding the rights and freedom of the citizens of the county and recognize their duty to serve the people of Jackson County by safeguarding life and property, by protecting them against violence and disorder and by protecting the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression or intimidation.”

“During Law Enforcement Officers Week, and throughout the year, the County of Jackson recognizes and appreciates the critical contributions and sacrifices made by members of law enforcement at all levels and honors their courage and dedication,” states the proclamation.

Commissioners also voted to declare Jackson County as a Purple Heart County. With this proclamation, county officials hope to recognize the many Jackson County residents that have been engaged in most, if not all, of the wars against a declared enemy fought by the United States. Jackson County also has numerous residents who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received in combat.


As stated in the proclamation, “Jackson County recognizes the commitment and increasing sacrifices required of military families, and Jackson County pledges its ongoing commitment to and support for the men and women who so honorably serve our nation.”

The Purple Heart is the oldest decoration in present use and was initially created as the Badge of Military merit by General George Washington in 1782. The Purple Heart was the first American service award or decoration made available to the common solider and is specifically awarded to any member of the United States Armed Services wounded or killed in combat with a declared enemy of the United States.

The mission of the Military Order of Purple Heart, chartered by an Act of Congress, is to foster an environment of good will among the combat wounded veteran members and their families, promote patriotism, support legislative initiatives and most importantly – make sure we never forget.

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