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Jackson County law enforcement on fourth day of search for missing 25 year old 

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office mobile command station was set up at the Savannah Fire Department Monday morning as search and rescue teams gathered to begin looking for 25-year-old Aaron Cody Fortner. 

Aaron Fortner, who goes by Cody Smith on his social media accounts, is described as a white male with dark hair, brown eyes, and a slender build and lived in the Savannah Community of Jackson County. 

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson County Emergency Management, Savannah Fire Department, and Jackson County Rescue Squad along with family and friends are continuing the search for Fortner in the Savannah Community, however little to no details into his disappearance have been discovered. 

According to family, Fortner has been missing since about 2:30 a.m. Monday morning. All of his belongings were left in his home including his wallet, keys, a bag he always carried and his phone charger. His phone was not found in his home. No one has had any contact with him and both his phone and social media accounts have had no activity since Monday morning. 

If you have any information concerning Fortner or his whereabouts please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 828-586-4355 or dispatch at 828-586-1911.

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