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Jackson County to require masks inside county-owned buildings

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners announced Monday morning that due to rising positive COVID19 cases in the community, the county would be reinstating the mask requirement for all county-owned facilities. An amendment to the county’s local State of Emergency was signed by County Commission Chairman Brian McMahan Monday morning. 

The order is similar to the order that was first issued in March 2020, and was lifted in May of this year. It includes several exceptions to the masking requirement such as for people who are under age 2; are actively eating, drinking or strenuously exercising; are speaking for broadcast, to an audience or to communicate with someone who is hearing-impaired; are required to remove the mask for identification purposes or to secure government or medical services; would be at risk from wearing a face covering at work; is a child whose parent, guardian or responsible person has been unable to safely place the mask on the child’s face; is working in an interior office or protected area with a barrier such as a plastic or glass shield; or cannot wear a face covering due to medical or behavioral conditions.

The county order does not mandate masking outdoors or in privately owned spaces and only covers buildings owned by Jackson County. The amendment puts the order into effect immediately and states that it will remain in effect unless terminated or modified by county officials. 

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