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Law enforcement investigate death of Florida woman after Wednesday morning accident

Just after 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, Macon County 911 received a call regarding a suspected vehicle vs pedestrian on the Georgia Road. The Macon County Sheriff’s Office, along with the North Carolina Highway Patrol responded and found a female had been struck by multiple vehicles and was deceased. 

According to Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland, the female was identified based on a motel key found on her person. Investigators were then able to locate a car parked at a nearby restaurant belonging to the female. 

Video surveillance provided to law enforcement by a business in the area showed the female walking onto the highway and then laying down just prior to being struck by the vehicle. 

The North Carolina Highway Patrol was able to notify the next of kin, all of whom, including the victim, live in Florida. 

Local first responders, EMS, the Medical Examiner’s Office, and the District Attorney’s Office were also on scene assisting law enforcement agencies.

NCSHP is the lead agency and will continue to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident as it remains ongoing. Additional details will be provided if they are made available. 

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  1. Ron moss Ron moss November 5, 2022

    the first thing I don’t understand that really sends up flags why was the district attorney’s office there they have nothing to do with the investigation they’re the prosecuting end and the crazy thing is they’re out on the scene that my daughter was struck by a vehicle and killed by somebody that had multiple illegal drugs in his system we couldn’t even get a return phone call from Ashley Welch 20 to 25 messages we left never spoke with the woman.

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