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Law enforcement officers across WNC turn Blackout Wednesday blue

A joint initiative with area law enforcement, legislators, the District Attorney’s Office, and community organizations such as MADD was announced Tuesday to caution people to not drive while under the influence on Thanksgiving Eve – or any other time, for that matter.

Spearheaded by the WNC Regional DWI Task Force, on Wednesday night at 6:00 pm, all across the region, the traditionally deadly “Blackout Wednesday“ will be turned BLUE. Patrol vehicles will be simultaneously stationed at 6:00 pm, at the exact location where someone has died or been injured, with blue lights flashing for 5 minutes.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving historically kicks off the holiday season of deadly motor vehicle crashes related to speed and DWI.

The stationed patrol vehicles will not be stopping cars, or doing checkpoints during this time, instead serving as a solemn reminder to drive safe, sober, and buckled up through the holidays.

Macon County law enforcement agencies will be at the following sites for the 5 minutes of remembrance. 

Rachelle Edwards & Paul Maliska
U.S. Highway 64

Sylvia Bolick
Ellard Bolick (injured)
U.S. Highway 441

Megan James & Roger Dooley
U.S. Highway 64

Judy Moore
U.S. Highway 441

Miriam Witzi
Highlands, NC

Dakota Williamson & James Sweeten
Sanderstown Road

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