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Macon County approves lease for Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s regional office 

The Macon County Board of Commissioners approved a lease agreement for office space within the courthouse for newly elected District 11 Congressman Madison Cawthorn. 

The Macon County office will be staffed 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week and will be located inside the Macon County Courthouse. The office will be staffed by Drew West, Regional Representative/Caseworker for Rep. Cawthorn.  West will work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm in the Haywood County office.  According to Micah Bock, Communication Director for Rep. Cawthorn, both the Macon and Haywood offices were set up to service the constituent needs of the far western part of the 11th Congressional District. 

“Constituent services are already underway and are ongoing, whether Congress is in session or not,” said Bock. “We have assembled a staff of caseworkers in each of our offices to assist the general public with whatever assistance they need from any federal agencies. We take pride is helping the people of the 11th District get the services they are entitled to and stand ready to assist.”

Rep. Cawthorn has already opened or is in the process of opening district offices in Hendersonville, Burnsville, Franklin, and Waynesville.   

The office is on the third floor of the Macon County Courthouse and Rep. Mark Meadows occupied the same office, The lease in Macon County will be donated by Macon County, with Rep. Cawthorn’s office not having to pay anything.

In addition to Bock as Communications Director and West as the Regional Caseworker, Rep. Cawthorn has completed hiring staff to serve District 11 during his tenure in Congress. 

“Our D.C. Staff is mostly on board, with limited exceptions, who will be onboarded next week,” said Bock.

Rep. Cawthorn’s Legislative Director in D.C. is Catherine Treadwell and his office Scheduler is Stephen Smith.

In the district, Rep. Cawthorn’s staff consists of political pundits and former staff members of Congressman Mark Meadows.

“Hal Weatherman has already started as District Director and has helped assemble a skilled team of professionals to our help constituents,” said Bock. 

Weatherman is a former two-term chief of staff to former Lt. Governor Dan Forest and also served for over a decade as chief of staff to former US Representative Sue Myrick.   

“Combined be brings over 25 years of experience to a freshman Congressional office,” said Brock. 

The district staff also includes Michele Presnell who is serving as a regional representative/caseworker working out of the Yancey County office.  Presnell is a former four-term member of the State House of Representatives and also served as a Yancey County Commissioner.  

West, who is serving in the Macon and Haywood offices, is a former caseworker for former Rep. Mark Meadows.

Brianna McMinn is the office manager/caseworker based in the Hendersonville office. McMinn is a current member of the Western NC DWI task force and is the former Executive Assistant to State Senator Chuck Edwards. 

Small business owner, Lisa Wiggins has joined the staff as a caseworker also based in the Hendersonville office, as well as Katie Truitt, former staff assistant for the office of former Rep. Mark Meadows continues in that role for Rep. Cawthorn.

Rep. Cawthorn is in D.C. this week as the House of Representatives have been in session. Rep. Congress voted against the Articles of Impeachment in the House on Wednesday, however, the Articles ultimately passed the House, making President Donald Trump the first President in history to be impeached twice. 

Rep. Cawthorn said that while he has spent much of his first two weeks after being sworn into office in D.C. he is looking at how to best serve WNC. According to Cawthorn, the issues facing the district vary. 

“It’s a mix of job creation and infrastructure improvements, like broadband,” said Rep. Cawthorn of where his focus will be during his term. “We need to get people back to work and spur job creation throughout the district. So many of society’s ills can be solved when people have a good-paying job. Now that the campaign is complete, I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves, traveling the district, and meeting with industry stakeholders, economic developers, elected officials, and job creators to build a strong working relationship –  all while meeting the individual needs of the constituents who have issues with the various federal agencies.”


  1. Mae Myers Mae Myers January 17, 2021

    The only article that needs to be written about this fascist youth, who spoke at the pre-insurrection rally where he encouraged Sedition against our government is that he is resigning or being removed from office. Shame on you for normalizing anything to do with Cawthorn.

  2. Chris Juedemann Chris Juedemann February 17, 2021

    I am building a rocket to go to Mars, you should do an article. I could say anything, you would print. Why not look into the hundreds of constituents that have contacted Cawthorn’s office, with zero reply.

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