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Macon County Assistant Clerk running for office in Georgia

Rabun County native Lauren James Messer hopes that with a blend of dedication, education, and hands-on experience, she will be elected the next Clerk of Superior Court in Rabun County, Georgia.

At the core of Messer’s candidacy lies a commitment to public service that permeates her professional trajectory. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a specialized focus on local government, from Georgia College, Messer has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricate workings of governance, particularly within the legal sphere. Her academic prowess serves as a solid foundation upon which she has built a career dedicated to advancing the interests of her community.

“I am running for Rabun County Clerk of Court because I am passionate about serving my community and ensuring that the court system operates with efficiency, transparency, and integrity,” said Messer. “I am eager to work with the citizens of Rabun County to improve the clerk’s office, enhance customer service, and modernize court operations. My goal is to provide fair, accessible, and compassionate service to all members of the community, and am is excited to bring my skills and passion to this role.”

Messer is the daughter of Neal James and Hollie Justice. She and her husband Matt Messer live in Rabun County with their three children. She attends Battle Branch Baptist Church. Messer graduated from Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in 2008 before attending Georgia College.

Currently serving as the Assistant Clerk of Court in Macon County, Messer has garnered invaluable experience over several years, fine-tuning her expertise in pivotal areas of court administration. Her tenure in Macon County began in 2014 when she was hired as assistant Deputy Clerk, leading her to being promoted to Assistant Clerk in 2022.

“I want to see the timely filing of legal documents improved,” said Messer. “For example, when I announced my campaign, Rabun County was the third worst in the state for timely recording of deeds. I also want to give the passport fees back to the community. Whenever someone applies for a passport, the clerk charges a $35 processing fee. In Georgia it is at the clerks discretion what happens with that money. The current elected clerk keeps the money for her personal use. I would return the money to the community.”

Messer’s role as Assistant Clerk of Court has not only equipped her with the necessary technical skills but has also instilled in her a profound understanding of the nuanced needs of the community. Her proactive engagement with various stakeholders underscores her commitment to fostering transparency and accessibility within the judicial system—a quality that resonates deeply with constituents seeking reliable and accountable leadership.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Messer’s passion for serving the community pulsates through her every action. Whether it’s spearheading educational programs to enhance legal literacy or collaborating with local organizations to address pressing social issues, Messer’s advocacy extends far beyond the confines of the courtroom, embodying a holistic approach to community empowerment.

As she sets her sights on the Clerk of Superior Court position in Rabun County, Messer brings with her a vision characterized by integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. Her track record of success, coupled with her dedication to public service, positions her as a formidable candidate poised to effect meaningful change within the county’s legal landscape.

“As your elected Clerk of Court, I promise to prioritize accountability, accessibility, and innovation. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our court system is fair, efficient, and responsive to the needs of our community,” Messer. “I will also strive to enhance public trust and confidence in our local government by promoting transparency, integrity, and excellent customer service. I am committed to listening to your concerns, ideas, and feedback, and to working collaboratively with our citizens, law enforcement, and judicial partners to build a safer, more just, and more prosperous Rabun County for all. I ask for your vote and the opportunity to serve our community with dedication, compassion, and integrity.”

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