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Macon County gets $62 million for new high school project

Macon County and Macon County Schools have invested significant local financial resources and time to prepare the Franklin High School project for construction. Beginning in December of 2021 with thorough due diligence to support the replacement of Franklin High School, careful design and collaboration with district and county stakeholders continues. In May 2023, the Macon County Commissioners and Macon County School board jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding reaffirming their commitment to the Franklin High School Project, expressing their intent to use funds received from the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund for the Project’s construction and assuring the county’s elected representatives in the NC General Assembly of both board’s ongoing partnership to continual growth and improvement of Macon County Schools.

A new facility will align the learning environment with the excellent variety of courses and instruction available at Franklin High School, offer expanded pathways and opportunities for career ready and alternative high school students, enhance teacher recruitment and retention, and will strengthen community pride in these growing, life-long citizens of Macon County.

Today, Macon County Schools was awarded $62,000,000 for the construction of a new Franklin High School. The grant monies will ensure that Macon County students have access to high quality educational resources, ADA accessible facilities and 21st century learning opportunities.

“We could not be more excited to award you this grant. We know that the Franklin Panthers will be so excited to have their new school and thank you to all of you that worked so hard.” – North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt

“I am extremely excited for the Macon County School System and the Macon County community! The Macon County School Board along with Macon County Commissioners have done a wonderful job preparing for this project. Our kids and community deserve this!” -North Carolina Senator Kevin Corbin

“I have been on the Board for fifteen years, and this is the ultimate! Since I have been on the Board, this is one of the things we have strived for is to bring this opportunity to our students and we’re here. This is incredibly exciting and beyond words!” – School Board Chair Jim Breedlove

“As Superintendent of Schools, I am a product of Macon County Schools and I had the opportunity to go through Franklin High School and graduate from Franklin High School as did my mom and dad. As I look to the future and the impact this will have. I have my own kids who are in this great system and they will be impacted by this and their kids will be impacted by this. We are grateful for the opportunity and I am just thankful. Thank you so much.” – Josh Lynch

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