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Macon County rec pool will be partially open for Memorial Day

The Macon County Recreation Department has been working overtime to get the public pool open in time for Memorial Day. The same day the health department inspected the pool and gave approval for it to open, the motor that operates the pumps went out, shutting the pool down.

According to Macon County Recreation Director Seth Adams, the blown motor only impacts the large pool; the kiddie pool is not impacted and will be open for the season on Saturday, May 29.

Adams said that typically it would have taken 2-3 days to get the replacement parts needed to open, however due to a lack of workforce, the plants that manufacture the parts are operating with 20% of their normal employees, making it 6-8 weeks before a new motor will be available.

In the meantime, while waiting for the new motor, Adams said a local pool company is working to engineer three smaller motors to be able to operate the large pool. Adams is hopeful a temporary solution will be reached over the weekend and is working with the Macon County Department of Public to get the pool reinspected with the new equipment. If everything goes as planned, the entire facility will be open to the public by Wednesday.

For the weekend, with only the kiddie pool open for use, Adams said admission will be half price. The half price cost will be $2 for anyone 6 years or older and just $1 for anyone under the age of 6. Although only the kiddie pool will be open, the entire pool deck will be available for use for patrons.

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